Monday Morning Motivation

I dropped my little off at school and don’t have to work til tonight. I have some free time this morning, not as much energy as I like. But I’m MAKING my ass get up off this chair and going to get on that treadmill!
I need to stop my excuses of why I shouldn’t go and walk for even 15 minutes, and highlight the reasons of why I should. I could use my kids, my boyfriend, new jeans, whatever! If you need to use a material object to get you off that couch, then do it! YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT MOTIVATOR!
Stand up. Look at yourself in the mirror and know you are worth time and effort.
You don’t have to win a world competition to be a champion. You are a champion because you fought against society and medias thoughts of who you are and you look at yourself and KNOW….

“I’m the best and I know it
I know you tried to bring me down
Look at me now, watch me smile
I’m so secure in who I am
and I’m a champion for sure!”


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